The mounting of FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS under plexiglass is an extremely complex and delicate process that must be carried out by experienced operators in a sterile work environment. We are very proud to be AMONG THE FEW LABORATORIES IN EUROPE TO OFFER THIS UNIQUE SERVICE, which over the years has led us to work with a large number of photographers, contemporary artists, and interior designers.


3 o 5 mm

1,8 x 3 Mt

Pexiglass Ultra Clear

CNC Cut, Artisanal Frames, Back hanging frame.

Artworks that require depth and vibrance. It works great both with 
color or black and white images.


The allure of fine art prints mounted under plexiglass lies in their unique aesthetic. This technique combines the beauty of the best fine art or chromogenic prints with the depth that only plexiglass mounting can provide. The result is fine art prints characterized by an INCREDIBLE THREE-DIMENSIONALITY AND VIVIDNESS that many describe as a "wet effect."

During our forty years of experience in the fine art photographic printing industry, we have developed a mounting system where we COMBINE THE BEST OF FINE ART PRINTING WITH MATERIALS SELECTED OVER THE YEARS to ensure maximum aesthetic quality and longevity.




Mounting a photographic print under plexiglass is one of the flagship processes of our professional photographic lab. In fact, working with the world of collecting, galleries, and interior design, we have developed a workflow that allows us to create aesthetically perfect works with excellent durability.

This mounting technique allows us to combine THE QUALITY OF A PROFESSIONAL AND CERTIFIED FINE ART PRINT (Inkjet Fine Art or Cprint Lambda) with the unique characteristics of plexiglass. Unlike direct printing on plexiglass (also called solvent or UV printing), the works produced in this way not only have extremely high resolution without the presence of halftone dots or "droplets," but also an extended color gamut that ensures vivid and brilliant colors, and in the case of black and white images, absolute neutrality.


C-Type Print sotto plexiglass 120x180 realizzata con uno scatto di Massimo Listri.

Thanks to our DECADES OF EXPERIENCE IN THE COMPLEX FIELD OF PLEXIGLASS MOUNTING, we have selected a combination of materials whose interaction guarantees the stability of the artworks.

This is of fundamental importance because artworks under plexiglass consist of four elements: the fine art print, the plexiglass (optical clear polycarbonate), the museum-grade adhesive polymer, and the backing (plexiglass or dibond). These four variables, if mishandled, can lead to unexpected and unpleasant results.

Everything is assembled using a dedicated roller press that ensures the maximum degree of adhesion and flatness of the components through constant pressure.

Being a sandwich process, in addition to material conformity and precision in cutting, the cleanliness of the working environment is also indispensable. Thanks to a workspace equipped with large-format printing machines, whether they are Inkjet fine art or chromogenic (LAMBDA enlarger), and adequate equipment, we can easily produce FINE ART PRINT MOUNTINGS UNDER PLEXIGLASS RANGING FROM 20x20 cm TO 180x500 cm.



Since it's a completely artisanal process, we're able to provide the HIGHEST LEVEL OF CUSTOMIZATION. This doesn't just involve the achievable formats but also the materials used. In fact, upon the client's request, it's possible to use, instead of the CLASSIC ULTRACLEAR GLOSSY POLYCARBONATE, its matte version which we call SATINATED PLEXIGLASS. This unique solution allows for extremely soft images and works exceptionally well on medium to low contrast subjects and pastel colors.

Often online, you'll find proposals for "printing on plexiglass" or "plexiglass mountings," but given the complexity of the process, it's crucial to have a reference photographic lab that knows how to take into consideration all the elements of this type of work, as beautiful as it is complex.




Fontal Plexi:  3 mm or 5 mm
Rear Dibond: 2 mm or 3mm
Compatible Printing Technologies: Ink Jet Epson Digigraphie. C-Print Lambda Opaca or Duraflex (similar to Cibrachrome)
Avaliable Formats: Any size up to 180x300 cm




The combination of Plexiglass and Dibond represents an excellent solution for those seeking Fine Art prints mounted under Plexiglass with an attractive price-to-quality ratio. Regardless of the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet used, the images will appear brilliant and deep, while the Dibond backing will ensure the flatness and stability of the artwork over time.

The Fine Art prints under plexiglass that we offer are highly successful not only in the field of photography and contemporary art but also in high-level interior design. This solution is highly appreciated because even using a 3mm plexiglass sheet, it's possible to create artworks of very large sizes that impress with their three-dimensionality and vividness.

Everything can then be finished with: a classic box frame, a floating frame, or simply by applying aluminum spacers to the back of the artwork.




Fontal Plexi:  3 mm or 5 mm
Rear Plexi: Transparent, Black, Withe or Colored
Compatible Printing Technologies: Ink Jet Epson Digigraphie. C-Print Lambda Opaca or Duraflex (similar to Cibrachrome)
Avaliable Formats: Any size up to 180x300 cm


In the sandwich mounting method, the fine art print is sandwiched between two polycarbonate sheets of varying thickness. This type of process is recommended for those who want to create a significant piece of art that is lighter and more manageable than one made with ultra-thick plexiglass. The plexiglass sandwich is particularly suitable for large-format works that are intended to play a central role in museum exhibitions or as interior design complements.

When viewed from the front, the artwork created with this unique technique is practically identical to a classic plexiglass mounting with dibond; however, when viewed from the side, the difference is striking. By sandwiching two plexiglass sheets, we are able to give the artwork an EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT CROSS-SECTION THICKNESS THAT CAN REACH UP TO 2CM. This type of solution adds further MATERIALITY AND PRESENCE to the artwork. For this reason, fine art prints mounted in a sandwich between two ultra-thick plexiglass sheets are highly appreciated for installations.

Furthermore, it's possible to pair different types of plexiglass; for example, you can use a classic TRANSPARENT PLEXIGLASS for the back, or opt for a more original BLACK PLEXIGLASS, or even choose from a WIDE RANGE OF COLORED AND FLUORESCENT PLEXIGLASS.